Ending Police Exchanges Between Israel and US

Palestinian-American Dr. Burhan Ghanayem speaks at the Durham City Council Meeting on April 16, 2018

Thanks to the depth and breadth of several organizations supporting the Council resolution to bar police police from training in Israel and other countries with militarized police the resolution passed unanimously and Durham became the first city in the United States to take such action. A firestorm of protests ensued from pro-Israeli factions. But the resolution stands. Read all about it here. Also see check out Eye Witness Palestine’s account.

To get involved, visit Demilitarize Durham2Palestine.

Protest Against Knesset at Chapel Hill Council

Coalition for Peace with Justice Members Protest Knesset Members at Chapel Hill Council Meeting, April 2016

Members protest the Town of Chapel Town Council Hosting four Knesset members, who used the occasion to normalize the occupation of Palestinian and the egregious human rights violations against the Palestinian people. Read all about it in this Mondoweiss article.


Police Brutality from the US to Palestine


On May 25, 2020, Derek Chauvin, a police officer, brutally murdered George Floyd. Chauvin violently cut off George Floyd’s airflow using his knee while Floyd desperately pleaded for his life. Outrage at Floyd’s murder as one in a long line of state and extrajudicial murders of Black people in the United States sparked nationwide protests, marking #BLM as one of the largest movements in U.S. history.


  • A document listing ways to support #BlackLivesMattet

  • Movement for Black Lives website chalk full of good information, events, and actions

  • Engage locally by donating to NC Bail Fund


Did you know? Minnesota Police Department trained with Israeli Police. The same brutal tactic used by Chauvin against Floyd is deployed by IDF soldiers in Palestine. The U.S. and Israel have a sordid history of sharing brutalizing tactics in order to criminalize, surveil, and murder Black, Indigenous, and Palestinian people.


  • Check out Demilitarize Durham2Palestine to learn how to fight police militarization and brutality from Durham to Palestine

  • Learn more about the exchanges of violence

  • Read up on the ways in which Israeli police dehumanizes and brutalizes Palestinian life

  • Learn about the myriad violations committed by the Israeli occupying force

Israeli Human Rights Abuses

Child Detention

Israel detains and imprisons Palestinian children. Children are forced to endure inhumane conditions, torture, and more.

Israeli Troops Kill Peaceful Protesters

Israeli troops were ordered to kill and maim peaceful protesters durning the Great March of Return.