Holocaust historian Raz Segal has said that what Israel is carrying out in Gaza as we speak is “a textbook case of genocide.” He cites Israel’s decision to cut off the essentials to sustain life, and its barbaric indiscriminate bombing campaign, already responsible for over 9,000 deaths, 4,000 of whom are children. It is utterly appalling and morally indefensible that our government is fully supporting these war crimes and militarily restocking the slaughter of innocents. I felt compelled to go to Washington DC and join with over 100,000 of my fellow citizens to demand a ceasefire and press for humanitarian aid and negotiations. And what a thrilling experience! Anti-Zionist Jews, Arab Americans, African Americans, Koreans, Sikhs, Methodists, Quakers, Buddhists, young people, babies in strollers, old people – throngs of protesters standing in solidarity with Palestinians, raising their voices! So energizing! Such a beautiful antidote to despair, complacency, and quietly, sadly sitting on the sidelines.
This is a movement, not a moment. We must continue pressing our congressional representatives to stop the genocide and address the root causes of the violence. Ceasefire is the first step. The long journey to a just and lasting peace will continue. Join us!

Who We Are

We are a nonpartisan social justice nonprofit working for a just and lasting peace for all people in historic Palestine, Jews and Palestinians alike. We are a diverse and interfaith statewide organization of knowledgeable activists, pastors, theologians, professors, journalists, and scientists working with intersectional partners. Many of us have traveled extensively in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories. We welcome all who share our conviction that the foundation of a just and lasting peace is freedom, dignity, and equal rights for all.

Update on NC Democratic Palestine Resolutions

These are the final Palestine resolutions approved by the NC Democratic Party Executive Committee on June 24, 2023. The fight over the last few months was intense but the resolutions were finally approved.

Representative Kathy Manning tried very hard to table these resolutions but the party chairwoman and the party leadership stood fast and refused. The fight was intense.

Public opinion is changing and I can safely conclude the majority are sympathizing with the Palestinians. Our struggle must continue.

– Burhan Ghanayem, VJP Board Chair

Our Mission

We stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people. We support their quest to live dignified lives, free of occupation, oppression, and state violence in their historic homeland, and enjoy all the same rights as Israeli Jews. 

Our Values

Think Big. Act Bigger.

Achieve peace with justice.

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